What means “environment” to us?

The words “climate” and “environment”are often mentioned in one same breath.

Climate is actually a collective name for a range of spherical phenomena such as heat waves, cold waves, collisions between cold and warm air, low and high pressures, all on which temperature is depended on.

Environment, however, is a collective name for the natural and a range of artificial spaces.

Natural space is open. It has no boundaries. It is endless and it is not shaped or created by humans. It was and it is always there. It is the Earth itself. It’s just one until humans became to know the words “control” and “possession”.

Artificial space is a collective name for spaces created inside the one and only natural space. For instance:

Urbanized spaces are build spaces, retrieved from the natural space to create numerous smaller spaces like for buildings we know as cities, towns and villages.

In our view, spaces for agriculture, reforestation, recreation etc. are designated spaces, so also artificial because it is done by humans.

We use a own definition to explain urbanized spaces, namely spaces which are defined to be used for any form of shaping and continuation of human existence like farmlands and cities for example.

We also use other own definitions depending on how humans using urbanized spaces.  Most common are:

  • politicizing the urbanized spaces, the exploitation of the surrounding seas included.
  • militarizing the urbanized spaces because of the exploitation of these spaces, the exploitation of the surrounding seas included.
  • retrieving of pieces from the natural space for (unsustainable) exploitation.

We follow every development regarding the …

  • meteorological environment ( NOT the climate),
  • urbanized spaces (spaces created by humans),
  • natural space,
  • the seas and the oceans.

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