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Drought-plagued future predicted for Arizona

The American Southwest is being plagued by drought. Climate scientists warn drier-than-normal conditions may be here to stay. In fact, future droughts may be more severe than in the past in Arizona. Advertisements

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Long winter puts big freeze on US shipping

A record-breaking winter is refusing to loosen its grip in parts of the central and eastern United States, putting a big freeze on the country’s shipping industry. Almost 90 percent of the US Great Lakes area are completely frozen over, … Continue reading

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Canadian government forces farmer off land

The Canadian government has exercised its legal right to buy an elderly farmer’s land and use it for an adjoining airbase. But 85-year-old Frank Meyers has refused to leave the land that his family has farmed in Trenton, Canada for … Continue reading

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US energy secretary: fracking can be environmentally sound

The US Energy Secretary has told Channel 4 News that fracking can be done in an environmentally sound way. The comments by Ernest Moniz come in the week that David Cameron called many opponents of the controversial technique ‘irrational’. ————- … Continue reading

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California Island Fire Out-of-Control

An out-of-control fire has forced authorities to evacuate some residents from Kimball Island, in Northern California. Fireboats and helicopters are battling the blaze.

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Pesticide residue found on organic produce

Nearly half the organic produce tested across Canada in the past two years contained pesticide residue.

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Lying food labels

There are suggestions that when it comes to the food you buy Canadian officials aren’t doing enough to protect you.

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