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Solomon dolphin hunt: survival or just business?

Al Jazeera’s 101 East  joins an annual tribal dolphin hunt in the Solomon Islands and ask whether this ancient practice should be stopped. In a remote Pacific paradise in the Solomon Islands, a village continues a centuries-old tradition that has … Continue reading

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#Japan #dolphin #hunt #videotaped

A Japanese government spokesman defended an annual dolphin hunt Monday, after U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy tweeted that she was deeply concerned by the inhumanity of the practice. The anti-whaling group Sea Shepard videotaped the hunt Local Japanese officials defend a … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Against Dolphin Hunt in Japan’s Taiji Cove

The annual dolphin hunting season has begun in Japan’s Taiji cove, which activists say is a cruel practice. Japanese fishermen are trapping hundreds of dolphins in Taiji Cove in central Japan in an annual hunt. Boats began herding more than … Continue reading

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Dolphins killed in Japan’s Taiji cove

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