Marshall Islands: Tidal flooding has caused widespread damage

A state of emergency has been declared in Marshall Islands due to king tides which have inundated communities living on low-lying attols.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, regional office for the Pacific says waves washed over shorelines, sending water, rubbish and debris across roads and properties.

There are no reports of fatalities or serious injuries, however a state of emergency has been declared.

Preliminary assessments in the capital Majuro show 69 homes have been damaged.

The Rairok Elementary School, a waste site, cemetery and airport road have also been damaged by the flood.

Four evacuation centres have been established in schools and churches, sheltering 800 evacuees, although the total number of displaced people is estimated to be around 1,000 with many staying in hotels or with family and friends.

In Arno Atoll 36 homes were damaged and 246 people displaced.

A number of outer islands have also been affected, however information is yet to be obtained.

The severity of the tides is expected to ease by Wednesday morning.

Marshall Islands Climate Change Minister Tony de Brum says recovery efforts have begun.

But he says says areas once assumed safe to build on may not support housing in the future.

“We are hopeful that those houses that are far away enough from the shoreline that they may be able to be repaired in such a way that a similar tide within the next five to 10 years can be staved off,” he said.

“We are hopeful they can start repairing and returning soon.”

Mr de Brum has called on Australian political leaders to do more to help the Pacific deal with climate change.

“When the king tides come, and the salt inundates, it doesn’t go away,” he said.

“The salt remains in the soil and in the groundwater.

“If the people of Australia understood a little better and were able to see the kind of affect that climate change is having on the small island countries I am sure they will have something to say to their leadership.”



High tide and king tide are effects as result of metaphysical phenomena in relation to the position/distance of the Moon with the Earth. “Climate”do not have any relation with such water rising.

If anyone wishes to speak in terms of climate, he or she should explain this way: More flooding are normally effects as result of more warming temperatures. But they do not influence the tides directly. It’s the rising sea level that does due to events such as melting ice and more longstanding rain. The higher the sea level, the more water masses will be attracted as result by the Moon which then causes the water rising as mentioned before.

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Greece tries to dodge CO2 emission rules

Greece is using its six-month presidencey of the European Union to propose an easing of carbon enissions rules for member states that are in recession.About a fifth of the country’s electricity comes from plants that burn cheap fuel. Right now, those plants are paying millions of dollars in penalities to the European Union for polluting.

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Excessive fishing dries out Indonesian waters

Globally, demand on fish has swelled nearly three times by 2010, from the 1970 average of 40 million tonnes the world consumed. In Indonesia, with overfishing depleting fish stocks in the Pacific Ocean, many fishermen are using aggressive means to put food on their tables, including the use of explosives, which further endangers fish supplies. Although the government has introduced marine protected areas where fishing is limited to make sure fish populations will grow back, this may not be enough to secure fish stocks in the waters for future generations.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Benoa, Indonesia.

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#GHSRSUM launched to #monitor #global #discontent

GHSR Country Watch decides to launch a new monitoring activity after it sees increasing number of mass discontent across the globe.

The monitoring is meant to follow how governments and authorities handle the situation in each of their own country.

At the moment, three countries have put their attention as highest political responsible persons show that they  serve in their own interest rather than the country and its people. These countries are:

  1. Qatar: 250 death in two years at World Cup construction sites
  2. Russia: How Putin uses Sochi for his own interest
  3. Singapore: How a fatal accident in Little India came a coincidence to reveal a serious social problem
  4. Thailand: The effect as a result of  Shinawatra family domination in politics
  5. Ukraine: The effect of Yanukovych serving Putin instead of the people
  6. Venezuela: The effect of serious misgoverning by Chavez’ handpicked successor Maduro as he tries to blame others for the country’s hyperinflation

Reconstructions are planned about:

  1. South Africa: How the ANC handled the mine shootings;
  2. Brazil: Mass unrest as a result of raising public transport fees while government spends billions on the Olympic Games and World Cup 2014
  3. United Kingdom: Cameron’s serious ignorant handling of the Mark Duggan case.
  4. China: the effect as a result of the occupation of East Turkestan

A channel has been launched at here

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John Kerry has no knowledge on climate

US Secretary of State John Kerry has been in Indonesia talking about climate change.

He spoke to students at the American Cultural Centre in Jakarta, telling them:

“When I think about the array of global climate, of the global threats; think about this: terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. All challenges that know no borders. The reality is that climate change ranks right up there with every single one of them.”



This is clear exploiting terrorism, poverty, epidemics, and weapons of mass destruction. They all have nothing to do with meteorological environment which is wrongly call “climate change” by too many even John Kerry.

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Volcanic ash falls like rain

A volcanic eruption in Indonesia has killed at least three people and forced tens of thousands to flee.

A volcano eruption in Indonesia has forced an evacuation of thousands of people.

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World leaders discuss African poaching

Christiane Amanpour speaks to Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete about organized poaching in Africa.

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