about GHSR Environment [updated]

GHSR Environment is a non-profit NGO subsidiary of Global Human Studies & Research.

It operates in the field of the environment (see 2nd page in the menu above) as a whole to monitor the effects as results of interference by humans.


This blog may look like a news website but we hope you will view in a way like this

The Global Environment is (also) launched to bring awareness that changes in the natural space (see our 2nd page in the menu above) have a range of causes but other then what is known as “climate change”


GHSR Environment is NOT a activist body nor such group or such organization. It collects information to replace static figures, diagrams and reports many of us cannot verify. So, information (causes) which is easy to verify because it is for everyone to see with their own eyes.

The way we monitor is a response on the so called Climategate scandal of 2009 which revealed that “climate”and “climate change” are used as both a political and competitive tool among so called scientists, those in politics and those who fear a threat because of financial reasons.

The introduction of absurd taxes under the pretext of “climate change”  by governments across the globe, in particular those in Australia, is a example of politicizing “environment”.

“Climate change” has been a successful milker by governments and activists across the globe while the state of the natural space only worsens. It is even a big business due to the so called “emission policy”

Our comments (if necessary) are not in diplomatic style but blunt, open and direct. We’re not afraid of criticism because it is good to know how other people think.


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