#GHSRSUM launched to #monitor #global #discontent

GHSR Country Watch decides to launch a new monitoring activity after it sees increasing number of mass discontent across the globe.

The monitoring is meant to follow how governments and authorities handle the situation in each of their own country.

At the moment, three countries have put their attention as highest political responsible persons show that they  serve in their own interest rather than the country and its people. These countries are:

  1. Qatar: 250 death in two years at World Cup construction sites
  2. Russia: How Putin uses Sochi for his own interest
  3. Singapore: How a fatal accident in Little India came a coincidence to reveal a serious social problem
  4. Thailand: The effect as a result of  Shinawatra family domination in politics
  5. Ukraine: The effect of Yanukovych serving Putin instead of the people
  6. Venezuela: The effect of serious misgoverning by Chavez’ handpicked successor Maduro as he tries to blame others for the country’s hyperinflation

Reconstructions are planned about:

  1. South Africa: How the ANC handled the mine shootings;
  2. Brazil: Mass unrest as a result of raising public transport fees while government spends billions on the Olympic Games and World Cup 2014
  3. United Kingdom: Cameron’s serious ignorant handling of the Mark Duggan case.
  4. China: the effect as a result of the occupation of East Turkestan

A channel has been launched at here

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