Britain faces worst flood in 250 years [multiple vidoes]

Thames burst out from its banks

Laleham Abbey, Surrey

Windsor, Eton, Runnymede under water





It may sound strange to our British visitors but we´ve monitoring the cold wave above the United States, and in particular the directions of  the air streams which goes from Canada into the east and southeast of the US.

A air stream coming from the west of the US collides with the northern air stream somewhere above the state of Georgia were we see a change of course of the northern cold air stream going eastwards. So, actually going over the Atlantic to Ireland were it is much warmer.

The cold air stream from the US then warms up due to collision with the warm air stream west of Ireland.

The constant supply of cold polar air via a circular move over the east of the US to the Atlantic and then finally reaching the warm areas above Ireland and Britain causes the days long raining with mass flood as a result.

So, no one is actually to blame for the flooding. However …..

Increasing temperatures in the middle of the winter season must come from somewhere.

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