Black Rhino hunting permit auctioned

Safari Club International CEO Phil DeLone backs a black rhino auction, saying auctions have raised the rhino population.



We’re deeply sorry for going blunt this time:

Auctions have raised the rhino population? What kind of auctions? By who? Were is his claim based on?

As far as we know, the black rhino’s are still listed as endangered species.

And, even when the population might have grown, it’s not a defending reason to take your guns to go on the hunt in a country that’s not yours.

The name DeLone sounds like a mafia boss who even earns his money with animal blood. What a disgusting man.

He’s typical example of how narrow mind thinking Americans are in particular Republicans.

How would he feel when there a auction was held to buy a hunt on him?

Namibia and the United States must realize that both countries then violate the international treaties in the protection of endangered species if these bloody idiots really have killed one.

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One Response to Black Rhino hunting permit auctioned

  1. Gator Woman says:

    Thank you for your obvious deep concern for our planet and its inhabitants~
    Please do come see my story on this subject, if you have the chance:

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