Dutch to expect a human caused 5.0 earth quake

GHSREurope has reported to us that the Dutch province of Groningen is expecting a 5.0 earth quake “in the short term”.

The warning was issued by the Dutch NAM, a governmental authority on oil and gas resources.

The Dutch cabinet is already discussing the future of the Slochteren gas exploration on whether or not it should be closed in short or in the long term.

However, the gas reserve is calculated to a limit of 15 years the most.

Slochteren is in the most northern province of Groningen and is the only place in the Netherlands were gas is in exploration.

Meanwhile, houses across the province of Groningen already show cracks and subsidence as a effect of tremors caused by the  decades long of gas exploration.

A large scale drill has been launched among rescue workers as the Dutch have no experience in earth quake disasters.



We’re curious about what British PM David Cameron now have to say after he criticized the opponents of fracking for being irrealistic.

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