Lion Found Hanged In Surabaya Zoo

Full story:

A lion was found hanged to death in its own cage at a zoo in Indonesia on January 7th.

Officials found the 18-month-old African lion, named Michael, suspended from the roof by steel wire in his cage.

The General Secretary of Indonesian Zoo Association says that Michael’s death was a clear violation of standard animal care.

[Tony Sumampau, Indonesian Zoo Association, General Secretary]:
“Yes there was a mismanagement and the cage was not good enough. Also I believe there was a breach of standard operating procedures by irresponsible officials that caused Michael the lion’s hanging and death.”

Surabaya Zoo is notorious for its poor conditions.

Dubbed the “zoo of death” by local media, a number of animals have perished in the past five years due to neglect and poor living conditions.

According to the Jakarta Globe, a Sumatran tiger died after eating meat laced with formaldehyde, and a giraffe was found dead with an 18kg ball of plastic in its stomach – the result of eating garbage thrown into its cage by onlookers.

In 2010 officials said about 25 animals died prematurely each month.

It is reported that government intervention has thus far failed to bring any significant improvements.

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