David Cameron: shale gas projects will benefit communities financially

Prime Minister David Cameron announces that local councils in England that agree to fracking projects will keep 100 percent of the related business rates.

During a visit to a site in Lincolnshire, the Prime Minister, said he wanted the UK to benefit from development of reserves of shale gas in the same way as parts of North America have.
Speaking during a visit to iGas in Gainsborough, David Cameron defended plans to drill for shale gas, saying environmental concerns would be assuaged once people saw the benefits of fracking.
He said: “We have the strongest environmental controls in this country, nothing would go ahead if there were environmental dangers. I think people can be reassured by that.
“But I actually believe it’s when these wells go ahead, when people start to see the benefit, when people see there aren’t environmental concerns, they will see that it is quite right that this is part of our long-term economic plan.”
He continued: “This is a really significant announcement.”
“Shale is important for our country – it could bring 74,00 jobs, over £3 billion of investment, give us cheaper energy for the future, and increase our energy security.
“I want us to get on board this change that is doing so much good and bringing so much change to North America. I want us to benefit from it here as well.”



Cameron should read this:

Dutch to expect a human caused 5.0 earth quake


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