Chilean Fishermen Rescue Endangered Sea Turtle

Endangered loggerhead sea turtle is rescued by fishermen in Chile and handed over to marine biologists. They will nurse her back to health and release her back into the wild.

Full story:
An ailing 77 pound endangered loggerhead sea turtle was rescued by a group of fisherman in Caldera Bay in Chile recently.

Marine biologists will be transporting her to the city of Antofagasta, where she will be nursed to health prior to her release back into the wild.

Veterinarian, Juan Pablo Vargas says the sea turtle should not have been taken out of the water by the fishermen prior to his arrival, but thanked the fishermen for their good intentions.

[Juan Pablo Vargas, Veterinarian]:
“Well, the truth is the turtle was not in good condition, due to an injury inflicted by humans. After rescuing her from the sea, they placed her on a cement slate which obviously caused injuries and bruises due to her weight.”

Marine Biologist, Erick Canto, says the sea turtle had probably traveled from Mexico.

[Erick Canto, Marine Biologist]:
“I think it’s a caretta caretta or loggerhead turtle and they are supposed to be from Mexico but they have been sighted in the Coquimbo area, over here in Chile.”

Sea turtles have survived as a species for more than 100-million years and overcome huge odds on their migratory swims over thousands of miles, according to scientists.

Loggerheads, which can live decades and weigh hundreds of pounds, were first designated as threatened in 1978.

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