Australia fearing the worst as wildfires spread

Authorities fear fatalities after 50-thousand acres of Tasmania is ravaged by fire while the New South Wales premier warns Tuesday could be the “worst fire danger day the state has ever faced.”

The sweltering conditions have led to hundreds of fires across the country and are set to sweep across Sydney for the first time. Temperatures in the city are set to reach 109F (43C) on Tuesday.
The Premier of the state of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, today urged people to prepare for extremely dangerous conditions. Holidaymakers and campers in the countryside have been told to avoid places at risk.
“Tomorrow is not just going to be in the 40s, it will perhaps be the worst fire danger the state has ever faced,” he said. “Do what emergency services tell you… Rethink your need to be in the bush, have a bush fire plan, be prepared but most importantly make sure you are well away from harm’s way.” Fire crews warned that heavy rains in recent years have led to a thick undergrowth in bushland that can swiftly burn.

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